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Daniel has been playing guitar from a young age, ever since he got his first electric he always knew he wanted to pursue his one passion in life.

A strong rhythm and lead player he has vast experience with band work, writing, and live situations.

Daniel attended the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford where he has completed the degree programme in Professional Music Performance, alongside the diploma and higher diploma courses.

Taught by the likes of :

- Pete Friesen (former Alice Cooper touring guitarist)

- Mike Goodman (Randall amplifier endorsed and Total Guitar columnist)

- Jamie Humphries (One of UK's top session guitarists, Blackstar Amplification endorsed)

- Jon Bishop (Guitarist magazine columnist)

- Mike Casswell (Lick Library contributer)

- plus many more top industry professionals

In December 2011 Daniel became an official registered guitar tutor.

At his time at the ACM he has enlisted the vital skills a modern guitarist needs to succeed in the working world.

Now an experienced professional he wants to pass these skills on to the next generation of guitar players.

About Daniel

Daniel heng Guitar Lessons Electric Guitar West London
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