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Student testimoninals

"Lessons with Daniel are an absolute pleasure and regularly the most enjoyable hour of my week. I have advanced more than I could have ever have imagined when I started from scratch 1 year ago. This is primarily due to Daniel's enthusiasm and encouragement in the face of even my worst song performances :) His lessons are structured and well prepared. Most importantly Daniel loves playing guitar and teaching and that's why he is able to produce such astonishing results from his students. I would not hesitate at all in recommending him to any guitar player looking for a teacher."

(M - acoustic guitar student)

"After years of letting my guitar gather dust, I decided to look for a guitar instructor who would be able to teach me the basics and re-discover the guitar after failing to self-learn from books and videos. I found Dan through an internet search and immediately took a taster lesson. The main attraction to learning from Dan was the fact that we were able to cover a wide range of musical styles from metal to jazz. One year later and I can recognise all of the notes on the fret board, play open chords, minor chords, the pentatonic scale and rock to 'Learn to Fly' by the Foo Fighters!

Dan is a brilliant instructor and can seriously increase the playability of any guitarist. On our very first lesson we explored my interests for learning to play the guitar, which formed the basis of my individually tailored lesson structure. I was given the foundational basics which have helped when learning to play more advanced techniques such as Major 7th Chords. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, your playing needs will be met by Dan.

It is obvious that Dan has a real passion for the guitar and this passes off to students. The relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere and the provision of personalised music sheets help in the learning process. Dan is supportive and can inspire you to discover your potential to become a legendary guitarist!"

(J - Electric guitar student)

"I have enjoyed being tutored by Daniel for the past 6 months, especially because of the relaxed atmosphere and the constant encouragement he gives. My confidence in my ability to learn to play the guitar to a good standard grows with each session and I look forward to achieving more over the next few months."

(L - Electric guitar student)

"During my lessons with Dan I've learnt a great deal and my confidence on the guitar has grown a lot. The lessons are fun and engaging and work at a comfortable pace for the level I'm at and I always feel as though I'm learning something that can help my playing. I'm enjoying the lessons and would recommend Dan as he's an excellent teacher and the lessons are a very reasonable price"

(J - Electric guitar student)

"After deciding that I wanted to learn guitar, I went out and purchased a basic acoustic and set out to teach myself. Almost 6 months down the line the instrument was sat in the corner of my room, not seeing as much playing time as I would have expected it to. The problem was that, without adequate instruction, it can seem an impossible task trying to master the guitar.

All that changed after I stumbled upon a guitar tuition advertisement. After contacting Dan, he swiftly arranged a trial lesson. From that initial taster lesson I knew that I had here a teacher who could really help me learn to play guitar. Since the first session, Dan has helped me to make steady progress as a guitar player. Lessons have a relaxed, chilled-out feel to them, and I found myself looking forward to my hourly slot every week. Its pretty clear that Dan's passion for guitar is big; that enthusiasm rubs off on you keeps you motivated - one day I would love to be as skilled a guitarist as Dan.

You can learn whatever you want; the best thing about Dan is that he gives you the choice to explore any style of music you like. This has meant that I've already acquired a decent repertoire of songs all incorporating very different skills/techniques. The fees are also quite reasonable for what you get, and he's fairly flexible with lesson re-arrangements and so forth.

In short, if youre looking to have guitar lessons, Dan is most definitely your man. A brilliant teacher who has helped me to improve drastically over a relatively short period of time."

(A - Acoustic guitar student).

"I have been learning how to play the guitar for 6 months now with Daniel. I have enjoyed learning with him as he caters for the music I enjoy, is very patient and has a good understanding. The aspect I enjoy most about my lessons is learning how to play new songs as Dan has given me the confidence to try and play these to the best of my ability.

(D - Electric guitar student)

"Daniel makes the lessons fun and breaks everything down so that it can be understood by all even if you have no previous musical knowledge. The lessons are very relaxed and I felt I could ask questions when needed. The handouts to go away with are great and a good way to ensure you practice inbetween lessons. Also the price is very good and was the cheapest I could find when looking for an instructor."

(S - acoustic guitar student)

"I'd like to thank you for teaching me how to play guitar. I had absolutely no knowledge of guitar as an instrument but thanks to you, now I at least know what is involved in playing the guitar. Your efforts to make sure the student learns something out of your teaching, and adapt your teaching method to suit the learning capability of individual student are your biggest virtues."

(K - acoustic guitar student)

"Over the last 6 months, learning the guitar with Dan has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Dan's tutoring style sets a great tone and atmosphere to our lessons. He has both the patience and enthusiasm to keep me motivated and his advise and guidance to learning the guitar has been invaluable. What makes Dan very good as a teacher is his various methods to teaching, as his experience allows him to introduce a range of approaches to tackle an exercise or song. Most importantly I trust Dan's support as I develop my guitar skills and learn songs I'm passionate about."

(A - Acoustic guitar student)

"I have been learning guitar with Daniel for the past 6 months and have thoroughly improved the way I play and all round knowledge.

Daniel's down to earth manner and easy going style of teaching makes learning really easy and enjoyable. Since taking lessons I have learned a wide range of styles and genres which I would've never come across without the lessons. I think Daniel is very good at getting what you want out of music and applying it to your own style - Highly Recommended!"

(M - Electric guitar student)

"Learning the guitar is something I had thought about for a while but had not done anything about. I found Daniel online and as he was very local to me I thought it was time to begin. As a complete beginner, it seemed as if Daniel might well be suitable to help me get started as it was evident from his web page that he works with all levels of experience from novices to actual musicians. So I got in touch with him last September to commence lessons. We started with the very basics, by looking at the guitar itself. Since then we have moved at a pace which suits me, Daniel always takes time to ensure that things are making sense before we proceed. He explains things in a way which keeps it simple. What comes through clearly at all times is Daniel’s passion for music and imparting knowledge. My progress has been steady; I’m enjoying each step of the journey. I may not be going on the road any time soon but am making some agreeable sounds on my guitar and look forward to continuing with Daniel."

(R - Acoustic guitar student)

"I’ve been taking lessons with Dan now for over a year and have gone from someone dabbling with a few chords to being able to play rock guitar on songs from beginning to end, combining a range of rhythm and solo techniques.

I really enjoy Dan’s lessons and that’s really the key to the whole thing. The combination of theory and practice has given me the confidence to develop my playing to the extent that I already have performed in front of a live audience and am able to learn to play some of my favourite songs outside of the lessons.

There’s so much more to learn, of course, and I’m looking forward to doing so under Dan’s expert and friendly guidance.

If you have an interest in the guitar and want to make real progress in your playing, I’d certainly recommend Dan without hesitation."

(KS - electric guitar student)

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